Dance exhibition Flashmob impromptu

Flash mob navideño en Gran Plaza

Centanates of people crowded the Gran Plaza Shopping Park in the exhibition of Rocío Moreno's dance groups

In the heat of Christmas shopping, the boys and girls of the dance group Rocío Moreno surprised with an improbable dance that caught the attention of everyone there.

As if it were the very Trafalgar Square, in London, at 4.10pm. Dozens of people suddenly appear out of nowhere and congregate in front of the Christmas tree in the shopping arcade of the Grand Plaza, clap for a couple of minutes and disappear as quickly as they arrived. The new social game that comes from Manhattan to conquer the world is called flash mob. The rules are very simple: a group of people meets in a certain place, performs some activity in common for a maximum of 10 minutes and dissolves. The place, time and details of the action are established through chains of emails, mobile messages or via the internet. While some consider it a typical product of leisure society or an "artistic action", others understand it as the prelude to a social revolution: with the help of the internet and mobile telephony, a human group animated by the same desires, Opinions or feelings is in a position to organize with great speed and maximum flexibility, decisive factors for the success of spontaneous manifestations.