Salsa Jeans store
Salsa bets on growth in Spain

The Portuguese fashion firm Vaquera has just opened a point of sale in Parque Comercial Gran Plaza in Roquetas de Mar. In addition, the company plans to open five new stores in 2017. A space with 285 square meters, New and daring concept of the brand, which move to a loft-style...

Flash mob navideño en Gran Plaza
Centanates of people crowded the Gran Plaza Shopping Park in the exhibition of Rocío Moreno's dance groups

In the heat of Christmas shopping, the boys and girls of the dance group Rocío Moreno surprised with an improbable dance that caught the attention of everyone there.

As if it were the very Trafalgar...

Logo 25 Aniversario Toy'R'Us España

Last Thursday, October 13th, the 25th anniversary of Toys'R'Us took place in Spain. The multinational distribution company, of American origin, is one of the key players in the toy industry worldwide and has a network of 50 establishments in our country, which have already passed 11 million people. Toys'R'Us opened...